What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that most websites store in users’ browsers used to access the internet and that are deployed for the purpose of recognising devices used by a user to gain access, the user’s settings (language, currency, resolution, etc.) and other access characteristics (connection speed, type and settings of web browser, etc.). The storage of cookies is fully controlled by the browser being used by the user at a certain moment. If the user so wishes, they may restrict or disable the storage of cookies in the browser’s settings. However, this may mean that certain functions of our website do not work or work less efficiently for that user.

Essential cookies are required to ensure that the site runs smoothly (e.g. video and sound content) and for the anonymous analysis of website use. They are installed when you perform any action on the website effected via clicking on a simple link. Under the GDPR, we do not require your consent for these cookies. If you fully disable all cookies in the browser, you may not be able to view our website. Analytical cookies on our website are set so that users’ IP addresses are automatically hidden. This means that your identity remains hidden. Where stated in the table below, the analytical data that we process via cookies is processed on our behalf by external providers (the cookies are stored with them). If data is thereby transferred to countries outside the EU, the country and security measure employed are stated.

Which cookies do we use?

Name of cookie Duration         Type of cookie, controller and legal basis for data export
_ga                             2 years             Analytics (Google Analytics, USA), EU-US Privacy Shield (IP Decision No 0601-3/2017/2 of 20 March 2017)
wp-settings-1                 1 year             Essential (registered user’s settings), University of Ljubljana
wp-settings-time-1             1 year             Essential (registered user’s settings), University of Ljubljana
wordpress_*                     Session Essential (user authentication), University of Ljubljana
wordpress_logged_in_*         Session   Essential (user authentication), University of Ljubljana
wordpress_test_cookie         Session             Essential (cookie settings), University of Ljubljana
cookipe_popup                 1 month             Essential (cookie settings), University of Ljubljana

Where and how can I exercise my personal data rights?

Some rights can be asserted only by means of a written application made to the controller’s physical address or by email to ipr@uni-lj.si. 

What rights relating to the processing of personal data can be exercised depends on the contact you have with us. You can always read more about your rights in the certain situations described on this site.

You may also apply for assistance in asserting your rights to our personal data protection officer (DPO), who may be contacted at: dpo@uni-lj.si.

Personal data protection officer (DPO)

For the purpose of protecting your personal data, the University of Ljubljana has carefully selected a personal data protection officer and appointed Info hiša d.o.o., a company that brings together under one roof a group of legal and IT experts with many years’ experience in the personal data protection field. The lead member is Klemen Kraigher Mišič.

You may contact the DPO at any time with additional questions regarding the personal data processing operations of the University of Ljubljana Knowledge Transfer Office, for assistance in exercising your personal data rights, or with other comments on or reservations regarding our legal conduct.

Email: dpo@uni-lj.si

Tel: +386 1 23 55 036